Vichan: Tinyboard branch with more features and that receives security patches


Vichan is the most popular and widely used imageboard software in the world. It is free, light-weight, fast, highly configurable and user-friendly imageboard software package. It is written in PHP and has few dependencies. It was forked from Tinyboard in 2012, and has continued development under a variety of different maintainers throughout its history.

Currently, Vichan is maintained by a Development Commission comprised of Development Commission lead by @basedgentoo, Yuri Kuznetsov, and @RealAngeleno.


  1. PHP >= 5.4 (we still try to keep compatibility with php 5.3 as much as possible) PHP 7.0 is explicitly supported. PHP 7.2 works as well, but may cause as yet unreported bugs.
  2. MySQL/MariaDB server
  3. mbstring
  4. PHP GD
  5. PHP PDO
  6. A Unix-like OS, preferrably FreeBSD or GNU/Linux